[LTE] Actions possible from 'Likely To Escalate' alert email

Modified on Thu, 13 Apr 2023 at 06:00 PM

To create an alert that triggers when a case is predicted Likely To Escalate, choose 'Likely To Escalate' under the Alert conditions on the right panel of the Alerts page. 

The basic condition for the Likely To Escalate alert to trigger is to add the 'Likely to Escalate' option from the 'Escalation activity' dropdown as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: The 'Bell' icon on the top right of the alert condition should be in the 'Enabled' state for the Alert to work.

If any case matches the conditions, the alert triggers and the email notification will be sent to the specified user. A screenshot of a sample LTE alert has been added below.

Best practices tip: Edit alert names to ensure clarity. It can be extremely helpful in creating mail filters and automations in work mailbox.


  • Start Review
  • Acknowledge the prediction
  • Disagree with the prediction

Start  Review

Clicking on the 'Start Review' button in the alert email notification starts the 'Escalation Review' which provides key/detailed insights on why the case was marked as 'Likely To Escalate'. 

Acknowledge the prediction

Every Likely to Escalate prediction can be acknowledged once and if another user who has the same alert configured tries to acknowledge the second time, SupportLogic will notify them that the prediction was already actioned upon.

Disagree with the prediction

Disagreeing with the prediction removes the case from the 'Likely to escalate' queue and moves it to the 'Disagreed' tab under the 'Cases Reviewed' bucket. 

Tracking the Actions taken

LTE actions that were taken through the SupportLogic Dashboard or Email can be tracked by all users with permissions/access to the 'User Engagement' page in the Control Center.  The 'Escalation Review' tab on the User Engagement page categorizes the actions taken by the users from the SupportLogic dashboard or Email.

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