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Release Notes

Release Updates will hit by the End of the Month.

Release Notes - April 2024

What's new in this release?

Major new features
  • Global and Dynamic Filters on Customer Insights and My Customers pages
  • Voice transcripts as an additional data source
  • Acknowledge Signals directly in Slack
  • Revamped Roles and Permissions mapping
  • Account level custom fields in Alerts conditions
  • Alerts Report in Engagement Metrics
  • ElevateSX - Dashboard Discovery Workflows & new Scoring section for tickets

  • OAuth for Service Now
  • Agent availability directly from SFDC CRM (Omnichannel)
  • Automated Case Assignment for ServiceNow, MS Dynamics and Freshworks
  • Sorting inside Virtual Accounts, Teams and more
  • Case Assignment updates
  • ElevateSX - Major fixes and enhancements

Release Notes - March 2024

Whats new in this release?

Major new features

  • Save cases for later

  • Assignment board updates

  • OAuth for Jira


  • Escalation Metrics charts and CSV updates

Release Notes - February 2024

What's New in this release:
Major new features

  • New UI for Assignment Queues

  • New Virtual queue creation flow

  • Business rules for case assignment

  • Redesigned flow for Assignment board

  • Expanded actions on Assignment board

  • Alerting Account Owners and using Account fields

  • Acknowledging Escalation Requests

  • Mapping user roles from CRM


  • Using filters for Keyword alerts

  • Signal detection from case subjects

  • Numerous ML improvements to case assignment

  • ElevateSX - Setup recurring assignments

  • ElevateSX - Text Annotations

  • ElevateSX - Responder filter for assignments

  • Ability to setup OOO for multiple agents

  • Adding UUIDs to Customers and Agents search

  • Improvements to multiple signal detection

Release Notes - January 2024

What's New in this release:
Major new features

  • Regex support in Alerts

  • Various improvements to Case Assignment

  • Adding UUID to Customer accounts

  • Alerts for Chats

  • Real-time updates of custom fields


  • Additional engagement reports for escalation reviews

  • Improvements to Fast Response and Lack of Progress Signal Detection

Release Notes - December 2023
What's New in this release:

Major new features

  • Multi-value custom fields

  • Customizable links in all Alert notifications

  • New Backlog charts 

  • Expanded Scope filters when setting up Profiles


  • Enhanced Escalations Predictions leveraging Agents metadata

  • Agent shift Assignment directly from Agent Insights page

  • Case Assignment performance improvements

Release Notes - November 2023
What's new in this release:

Major new features
  • Chat as a data source
  • Updated logic for determining Agent Active Hours
  • Updating time overlap calculation and visualization in Agent recommendations
  • Ability to create a Virtual queue from a CRM queue
  • Assignment Board - Combined filters of CRM and Virtual queues
  • Console page - ability to filter by Virtual queues and/or CRM queues under New Cases

  • Improved detection of Frustration and Call Request signal
  • Improved page loading times on Assignment board and Recommendation panel
  • Elevate SX - Review Date and Scores within Dashboard Tables

Release Notes - October 2023 Part 2

What's new in this release:

Major new features
  • Escalation Reviews directly in Slack
  • Using Scores (Sentiment, Need Attention) in Global filters
  • ElevateSX - Downloadable Reports
  • Likely-to-escalate cards updated on Console, Agent Insights, and Customer Insights
  • Case Assignment board - the ability to filter by Virtual queues and/or CRM queues

  • Improved detection of the Urgency signal
  • Warning when custom fields are removed from Settings
  • Identifying missing hours in Agent Shifts
  • ElevateSX - AutoQA tags

Release Notes - October 2023
What's new in this release:
Major new features

  • New method for computing Sentiment score and Needs Attention score

  • Alerts on Keywords

  • More Escalation Value charts and tables

  • Filters alignment across several pages

  • Automated retraining of ML models for Escalation prediction


  • Improved detection of Churn Risk and Follow-up signals

  • Agent recommendation panel improvements - better time overlap visualization

  • Improved score aggregation

  • More factors added to the Escalation Review Agent Insights section

Release Notes - September 2023

What's new in this release:

Major new features

  • Escalation trend line and bar charts to determine value and ROI

  • Shareable links from Customer sections

  • Agent recommendation panel redesign

  • AgentSX - Sentiment detection from Call transcripts and Translated comments

  • AgentSX - Call recordings in Case Summarization


  • Case Resolution Time customization

  • Assignment events shown on the timeline and highlights

  • Agent OOO scheduling improvements

Release Notes - August 2023
What's new in this release

Major new features

  • Intelligent case prioritization for all agents
  • Case Summarization powered by GenAI in Agent SX
  • Composite QA Scores in Elevate SX


  • Alerts to Case Owners in MS Teams
  • Exporting completed evaluations
  • Viewing and exporting Engineering issues
  • Case fields are displayed alphabetically
  • Improved search insights in ElevateSX

 Release Notes - July 2023
What's new in this release

Major new features
  • Generative AI-powered Response Assist
  • Generative AI-powered Translation Assist
  • Collaboration and escalation review actions on SupportHub
  • Improved coaching & feedback loop for evaluations and disputes

  • New Escalations card on the Console page
  • Clarity on how we predict cases as likely to escalate
  • Improvements to the Auto QA Review dashboard
  • Improved visibility in agent insights for Escalation Review

Release Notes - June 2023
What's new in this release

  • Integration with Gainsight
  • JIRA Integration
  • Auditable roles and disputes
  • Assignment management
  • Assignment information
    Custom Labels
    Rich text editor

Release Notes - May 2023

What's new in this release
  • New Nav Menu changes
  • Gainsight integration
  • Elevate SX updates:
    • Auditable Roles & Users
    • Selecting Responders to review
    • Different scores for different agents
  • Agent SX updates:
    • AI-powered case ranking
    • Chatter integration
  • Infra and ML updates

Release Notes - April 2023

What's new in this release?
  • Spring Cleaning across products
  • Escalation Review Updates
  • Case Assignment updates
  • Signal Detection Improvements
  • Agent SX feature
  • Support Whisperer Cafe

Release Notes - March 2023
What's new in this release?

  • Escalations Reviews
  • Help Center
  • Virtual Queues
  • Introducing Elevate SX
  • Introducing Agent SX
  • Defaulting to the latest SupportHub
  • Saleforce connector app now supports Permissions Sets

Release Notes - February 2023
What's new in this release?

  • Escalations alerts are now actionable 
  • 100% Auto-QA for Chat, E-mail, and Voice
  • Live on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Leverage unused Google Cloud credits
  • Significant improvements to signal detection engine 

Release Notes - 5.4.8 - 5.5.0 - December 2022

What's new in this release?
  • Filtering Acknowledged sentiments on Console
  • Smart filtering of Signals
  • Huge improvements to sentiment signal detection
  • ML improvements for Intelligent Case Assignment
  • New permissions for Virtual Teams and Virtual Accounts
  • Bringing order to custom fields
  • Managing Users now sorted out

Release Notes - 5.4.7 - November 2022

What's new in this release?

Release Notes - 5.4.3 - September 2022

What's new in this release?

  • Perform reviews and provide feedback all on a single page
  • View a refreshed case recommendation board
  • Gather stats on completed reviews

Release Notes - 5.4 - August 2022

What's new in this release?

We’ve been hard at work designing and crafting the ideal experience for creating and managing agent shifts. With this new capability, you can create assignments and working hours shifts and assign teams of agents to shifts. Additional capabilities include highlighting staff coverages, identifying gaps in shifts, customizing shifts to include breaks, and more.

See older Release Notes here.

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