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Managing Users

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Within SupportLogic you can manage user's access to specific modules, configure Profiles and restrict their scope of access for viewing cases in the system.


If you have administrative access to the Control Center, you can manage user’s access to specific modules, configure Profiles and restrict their scope of access for viewing cases in SupportLogic.

In order to create users with the same permissions and access levels in SupportLogic, there are four areas you will need to use to configure their experience:

* Control Center > Manage Users where you create new users, select their profile and turn on and off permissions to features within SupportLogic

* Control Center > Settings > User Profiles where you can define profiles that you will then apply during the creation process and determine content restrictions

* Control Center > Settings > Scope where you define which cases specific users have access to

* Global > User Profile (edit mode) where you can turn off modules for specific User Profiles so that they do not have access to certain modules at all

Create a step-by-step guide

Managing Users

There are a number of areas that you can configure within SupportLogic to create custom views, feature access and scope to specific cases for user profiles. This article walks through the process of creating focused roles within SupportLogic to optimize a focused user experience.

NOTE: If you need to create a large number of users (> 30), please reach out to SupportLogic Support or your Customer Success Manager as they can help with bulk user creation.

You have the ability to restrict access to certain features and functions user by user. The workflow below steps through the process to take advantage of the most essential configuration options for new user creation:

  1. Configure the scope of data that you will use to restrict users based on things like geographic location, product line or certifications
  2. Modify or create new User Profiles
  3. Edit the Profiles to turn on or off certain tabs (and menu items) in the user interface
  4. Establish user Privileges (which features you will enable / disable per profile)
  5. Create the User Accounts
  6. Configure each User Account based on the Established Profile Privileges

Create New User Workflow

The workflow below highlights the major steps and areas in SupportLogic you will need to perform for each user account to be created:

This is an example workflow. You may need to establish a different procedure more appropriate for your organization's needs.

Control Center > Settings

There are two steps to complete under Control Center > Settings:

1. Select Scope under Settings

2. Then choose the case fields you want to enable to be used as restriction criteria, for example: Region, Product, Platform, Priority and Severity

Select Settings > Scope > Case fields allowed in Scope settings.

3. Then select User Profiles under Settings

4. You can duplicate an existing profile, create a new one or modify an existing one (not recommended)

5. To use the criteria identified previously, select Edit Scope next to the profile name

6. Unselect All case and modify which case data will be allowed in scope for this profile


In order to modify the tabs visible for a particular User Profile, do the following:

  1. Update your own User Profile under Control Center > Manage Users
  2. Select the Profile you wish to modify
  3. Then edit that profile by choosing Edit Profile under your account icon in the upper right-hand corner


The last step of the process is to invite users and turn on or off specific application features for each user created. Features are not tied to Profile or Role and need to be set for each user created. We recommend reviewing the features first and listing those that are appropriate for each Profile in advance of the last step.

To help you plan out the user permissions, please check out the User Permissions Guide article which provides a comprehensive list of user permissions, what they impact in the application and typical roles they apply to.

Now that all of the structures are in place for you to add users with specific access to the SupportLogic application and set the scope for these users, you can add them under Control Center > Manager Users. To do so:

  1. Enter the user's email or Slack handle (if you are integrated with Slack)
  2. Select the appropriate User Profile and select Assign profile
  3. Copy the generated password (you will need to provide it to the new user)
  4. Turn on the appropriate permissions you documented for this particular profile
  5. Send the user an email or Slack message and paste the generated password into that communication for the new user
  6. Repeat this process until all users have been created

Hovering over the "i" icon at the top of each column provides you a quick summary of the permissions. However, you can also check out the User Permissions Guide for a more detailed set of explanations.

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