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What is contained in "Other Values" within a Filter?

Modified on Fri, 16 Jun, 2023 at 7:43 AM


When creating a global filter based on case fields, there is the option to select any individual values for a case as well an option for "other values".  Can you explain what is contained in "other values"?


When first setting up a field that will be used as a filter, SupportLogic scans the list of values for the field.  Over the time that list of values from the initial scan may expand as more cases are processed.  Any new values that are found may fall into the bucket of "Other values'' rather than being listed as individual values.  


If you have administrative privileges in SupportLogic, you can update the list of values for any of the case fields in your environment.

You should periodically run a rescan of the field values to ensure the list stays current, and newer values get removed from the "other values" bucket and appear as distinct values. To do so:

1. Open Control Center > Settings > Fields.

2. Select the Last Refresh button to have SupportLogic rescan the field values being populated from your CRM.

You can also selectively update just the value of one specific field if by expanding that field and selecting the Last Refresh button.

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