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Release Notes - April 2024

Modified on Wed, 01 May 2024 at 04:17 PM

Filters on Customer pages, Signal acknowledgment in Slack, Roles and Permission mapping and more.


Like April showers bringing May flowers, this month’s release is a loaded bouquet of new features and updates, sure to make your workflows bloom. 

Major new features

  • Global and Dynamic Filters on Customer Insights and My Customers pages
  • Voice transcripts as an additional data source
  • Acknowledge Signals directly in Slack
  • Revamped Roles and Permissions mapping
  • Account level custom fields in Alerts conditions
  • Alerts Report in Engagement Metrics
  • ElevateSX - Dashboard Discovery Workflows & new Scoring section for tickets


  • OAuth for Service Now
  • Agent availability directly from SFDC CRM (Omnichannel)
  • Automated Case Assignment for ServiceNow, MS Dynamics and Freshworks
  • Sorting inside Virtual Accounts, Teams and more
  • Case Assignment updates
  • ElevateSX - Major fixes and enhancements

New Features

Global and Dynamic filters on Customer pages

  • A much-awaited feature is now live. Yes, we now support using Global Filters and Dynamic Filters on key customer pages, such as Customer Insights and the My Customers page. Using these filters, it’s now possible to refine the data and insights shown on these two customer-focused pages and only look for data that are relevant to your needs. This feature will roll out to the Top Customers page soon as well.

                                                Customer Insights - Global and Dynamic filters

My Customers - Global and Dynamic filters

Voice transcripts as an additional data source

  • We now support Voice transcripts connected to Cases as an additional data source, and will detect and show sentiments from voice conversations along with Case details, directly in SupportHub.
  • Case Scores will also be influenced based on sentiments detected in Voice transcripts.
  • The entire voice transcript conversation will be shown as one comment block, with clear identification between the agent and the customer.

                                                  Voice Transcripts - additional data source

Acknowledge Signals directly in Slack

  • Slack alerts were already enabling many useful workflows for our users. Now, it gets beefed up with more powerful capabilities in the form of Sentiment Acknowledgement directly from the Alert. 
  • Any Slack alert that’s set up to notify the detection of sentiments will now have a workflow-enabled directly in Slack that allows users to acknowledge the detected sentiment directly. This action will also be captured and reflected on the case sentiment carousel card.
  • In addition, we are also making it easy to give us feedback by adding a note after acknowledgment, which can be used to provide ideas or feedback for improving this workflow.
  • Finally, we made the Slack alert templates more compact, hiding additional details behind secondary buttons. That way, the main alert itself is succinct and easily readable on small screens.
                                                        Slack - Signals Acknowledging

Revamped Roles and Permissions mapping

  • A completely revamped Roles and Permissions page is now available. We moved all the permissions to the role level and made it easy to identify each permission by grouping them logically. 
  • Going forward, these permissions can now be set up at the Role level, and adding new users is a simple matter of inviting them to SupportLogic and giving them a Role. 
  • If users need granular permissions that aren’t mapped by an existing role, there are multiple ways to accomplish this.
  • One way is to assign the user to a role but selectively disable some permissions at the user level.
  • Another way is to clone an existing role, remove unwanted permissions and map the user to that role. 
  • To help with this transition, we will also be migrating all existing users and roles, so any existing setup should continue to work as-is. 
  • Finally, users not associated with any role will automatically default to the new Swarming role, and permissions can be granularly controlled even for this Swarming role.

                                                   Manage Users - Granular Permissions

                                                              Roles and Permissions

Account custom fields in Alerts

  • Ever wondered how to refine alerts using account-specific criteria? It’s possible now, thanks to our new addition of account custom fields as part of alert conditions. This will extend the already powerful alerting feature and make it even more customizable. Any of the account specific custom fields that we are bringing into the product will be supported here. For eg, one can now setup alerts focusing on account owners or average account-specificARR or ACV values.

                                                   Alerts - Account Custom Fields

Alerts reports in Engagement Metrics

  • We are adding a new report in Engagement Metrics, which is focused on Alerts. This report will show key statistics such as the number of Alerts fired in a particular time period, who created the alert, and which channel it fired on (Slack, Email, MS Teams). Further, each cell showing the number of times an alert was fired can be clicked into to view the list of cases for which the alert was triggered. Finally, we are mindful of the distinction between a user’s alerts and other alerts. So, only those alerts the user has access to will be highlighted in blue and can be clicked into. The other alerts will not be clickable.

                                                         Alerts Report in Engagement Metrics

ElevateSX - Dashboard Discovery Workflows

  • It’s now possible to deep-dive into tickets from the Dashboard page and investigate contributing behavior swiftly.
  • Thanks to an upgraded Search UI, inspecting any skill/behavior and immediately viewing the contributing tickets is also possible.

                                                 ElevateSX - Dashboard Discovery Workflows

                                                                ElevateSX - new Search UI

ElevateSX - New Scoring Section

Your scoring data for a case is now front and centre! Quickly digest which behaviors contributed towards a negative score or see which agents did better than others.

ElevateSX - Case Owner Display

We imported the Case Owner field and made it visible in the Ticket page. We have also made it possible to filter by case owner so this field can be used to segment your views in any page in ElevateSX.


OAuth for ServiceNow

  • Our ServiceNow customers can now authenticate and connect their ServiceNow account directly in our UI, which opens up more capabilities such as writing back scores, assigning cases, and updating fields.

OAuth - ServiceNow

  • Agent availability directly from SFDC CRM (Omnichannel)
    • Any Salesforce customer using Omnichannel to manage their agent’s OOO availability can now have that information be synced to our systems automatically. We will then be able to use it to manage the agents' availability, particularly for case assignment and agent recommendations.

  • Automated Case Assignment for ServiceNow, MS Dynamics, and Freshworks
    • We now support automated case assignments for other CRMs such as ServiceNow, MS Dynamics and Freshworks. This means that if your organization uses any of these CRMs and you were interested in using SupportLogic for automatically assigning cases to the right agent, we can work with you to set that up.

  • Sorting inside Virtual Accounts, Teams and more
    • A small but significant update comes to all the virtual groups we have in our product, namely inside Virtual Accounts, Virtual Teams and more. The list will be automatically ordered alphabetically, and even when new items are added it will be sorted alphabetically.

Virtual Accounts and Teams - Alphabetical

Case Assignment Updates

  • Exclude option added to queue filters
    • When choosing from mutliple queues to view unassigned cases, it’s now possible to exclude certain queues. This applies both to the assignment board page as well as the new cases card on Console.

ICA - Queue Filters - Exclude

Virtual Queues Settings enabled even if Auto assignment is turned off

  • The Settings for each virtual queue will now be visible even if an auto assignment is disabled for that queue. This will allow users to review and make changes to the settings, without turning on auto assignment. Any changes made will be enforced only when the auto-assignment is turned on.

Settings - Virtual Queues

ElevateSX - Fixes and Enhancements

We’re happy to announce that we’ve made some significant improvements to flows around:

  1. Recurring Assignments - Fixes regarding Due Dates and Reviewer names

Note - We have temporarily removed Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly recurrence options from the assignment forms as the team is still working on them (you can still use the weekly option for monthly assignments by setting the recurrence to be every 4 weeks). 

  1. Scheduled Assignments - Improvements & de-cluttering around Master & Child assignments and fixes for email notifications and Due Dates. 

  2. Disputes - Visibility of the My Disputes page has been linked to auditable roles

  3. Help Widget - Log a support ticket from within Elevate itself

  4. Calibrations

  5. Scorecards Movable Skills and Behaviors - It’s now possible to drag/drop and re-order the skills and behaviors in a scorecard. Simply hover on the Skill/Behavior and you should be able to reorder them instantly.

  6.  Assignment Details - You can now view information about which group/sub-groups were included as a part of the assignment.

That's all folks!
If there's anything that you'd like to ask us - request for a change etc, please reach out. We would love to know your thoughts on our Release Notes.

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