Release Notes - March 2023

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Features in these Releases:  Escalations Reviews | Help Center | Virtual Queues | Introducing Elevate SX | Introducing Agent SX | Defaulting to the latest SupportHub | SalesForce connector app now supports Permissions Sets

March 2023

March Madness is on; here at SupportLogic, we want to go one step further and share our own bracket for our new updates across multiple products.

Here are all the new features we are launching this month.

If you are interested in learning more or have feedback, please write to us at

The SupportLogic Team

Escalation Reviews

Announcing a brand new workflow, Escalation Reviews. When you see a case predicted, you can launch an instant review and see exactly why we are predicting the case is likely to escalate. 

To make it intuitive, the review panel will show the key insights for the prediction, as well as all the recommended actions you can take to prevent the case from escalating. All the actions taken will be logged and displayed on the timeline for future audits.

Once you take all the necessary actions, you can complete the review and remove the case from the list, it’s that easy.

There’s a whole lot more to this flow than what these images can convey, so we have a video walkthrough as well to explain this in more detail.

Help Center

We put the support in SupportLogic!! Jokes aside, we're excited to announce the launch of our new help center widget! We know that getting the right help at the right time is crucial, which is why we've designed our widget to make it easy for you to access the resources you need and get support when you need it.

With the new help center widget, you'll be able to quickly find relevant help docs and articles to answer your questions, or submit a help ticket to our support team if you can't find what you're looking for. Plus, our widget is conveniently located right within our product, so you can get help without ever having to leave your workflow.

We're committed to providing the best possible customer experience, and this is just one way we're working to make your experience with our product even better.

Virtual Queues

Our automated case assignment is already helping customers save time by intelligently assigning cases to the right agent at the right time. We are now augmenting that with a new feature, Virtual Queues. Think of them as supercharged queues that can be setup directly in SupportLogic, leveraging the rich filters we support (case fields, agent groups, customer groups)

You no longer need to rely on your CRM admin to create multiple custom queues. Instead, use our virtual queues, setup as many virtual queues as needed and let us handle the rest. You can even control what actions need to happen for cases that belong to each queue, and specify if they should always be assigned, always refrain from assigning, optionally assign or ignore. Learn more here (help doc for VQ)

Introducing Elevate SX

We announced the Emtropy Labs acquisition last month, and with lightning speed, the product is now fully integrated in SupportLogic under Elevate SX.

In addition to the seamless skinning, here are some other new features to Elevate SX:

  • Assignments: Manage your QA workload, and specify due dates and QA targets. Also, upskill your QA teams with features like Calibrate and Grade the Grader.

  • Disputes: Empower your agents with Dispute workflows to dispute reviews, track status of disputes and more.

  • Scorecards: Enjoy vastly powerful, customizable scorecards - including custom rating scales, auto fail conditions, and more.

To learn more, try Elevate SX today.

Introducing Agent SX

Agent SX is our other new product focused on supercharging agent productivity. Here are some recent additions to Agent SX:

  • Automated Agent Workflows: Increase your agent's effectiveness with AI assisted backlog management, smart reminders and integrated productivity tools that power up your Salesforce Service Cloud experience.

  • Grammarly and Loom integrations: Help agents get better at helping customers, thanks to the built-in integrations with Grammarly, Loom and Voice transcription.

  • Backlog customizations: Ability to sort backlog and unassigned cases by case fields, edit custom numeric fields and more.

To learn more, try Agent SX today.

Goodbye Old, Hello New: Defaulting to the latest SupportHub

We launched the new Support Hub a few months back, and thanks to your feedback, have continued to improve it with additional features. We are now sunsetting the old version and moving all users to the new version.

Key changes to the new version:

  • Re-order and hide unused case fields from the left panel

  • More info shared under the last 10 cases for the customer

  • Added tooltips for Churn Risk label

  • Expanded view of case attributes on hover and more.

Salesforce connector app now supports Permission Sets

Last month, we proudly shared that our Salesforce connector app passed their security review and is now listed on the app exchange.
This month, we are adding support for Permission Sets. With this new release, CRM admins can choose the subset of users who can access the connector app, and don't have to install it for all users. This provides additional security and access controls, as well as restrict the package components & permissions.

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