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Release Notes - October 2023 Part 2

Modified on Sat, 21 Oct, 2023 at 2:41 PM


We love Halloween so much we are treating you with another release this month. Here is all the goodness rolling out with this edition.

Major New Features

  • Escalation Reviews directly in Slack

  • Using Scores (Sentiment, Need Attention) in Global filters

  • ElevateSX - Downloadable Reports

  • Likely-to-escalate cards updated on Console, Agent insights and Customer Insights

  • Case Assignment board - ability to filter by Virtual queues and/or CRM queues


  • Improved detection of Urgency signal

  • Warning when custom fields are removed from Settings

  • Identifying missing hours in Agent Shifts

  • ElevateSX - AutoQA tags

The SupportLogic Team

New Features

  • Escalation Reviews directly in Slack

    • Slack alerts just got supercharged, you can now trigger and complete the whole escalation review directly in Slack

    • These alerts can now enable users to take actions on predicted escalations directly

    • Need more insights to determine why a case was predicted, that’s also possible now with the Escalation Review button in the Slack alert

    • Review why the case was predicted, and clear the prediction by acknowledging/snoozing/dismissing directly

    • Finally, you can also go to the case in your CRM directly from the alert, without having to visit SupportLogic

      Slack Alerts - Escalation Review

  • Global Filters using Sentiment and Attention scores

    • Ever wanted to review only those cases with a low sentiment score and/or high attention score. Now you can!! Global Filters now supports the ability to further refine and filter cases by either the Sentiment score or Attention Score or both

    • This addition makes it now possible to create highly customizable preset filters and only focus on the cases you care about. These Global Filters, as always, will apply on all applicable pages

      Global Filter - Sentiment and Attention score

  • ElevateSX - Downloadable Reports

    • A long-awaited feature is here, a place to instantly download reports of your choice directly from the UI. We also got a bunch of new reports for you, including:

      • Assignment Summary

      • Calibrations

      • Dispute reports and more

    • Here’s a quick overview of the entire flow - Downloadable Reports

ElevateSX - Downloadable Reports

  • Likely to Escalate case cards on Console, Agent, and Customer insights

    • The Likely-to-Escalate case card on Console, as well as Agent Insights and Customer Insights now supports viewing cases by their Likely-to-Escalate (LTE) status. Using this tab, you can now view cases that were predicted as likely to escalate and further broken down by - Cases acknowledged, snoozed or dismissed; and cases that have not been reviewed yet.

      LTE - Status - Not reviewed, Acknowledged, Disagreed, Snoozed

  • Assignment board - filtering using virtual queues and/or CRM queues

    • It’s now possible to view cases that belong to specific Virtual queues, as well as create advanced filtering options that allow combining multiple virtual queues as well as CRM queues

    • The advanced filtering now allows users to create sticky presets that can let them view all unassigned cases that span across multiple CRM queues as well as the virtual queues created in SupportLogic. The various conditional selections are aligned with the logic behind CRM queues and Virtual queues, namely:

      • When multiple CRM queues are selected, only OR is allowed, because a case cannot belong to 2 CRM queues

      • When multiple Virtual Queues are selected, both AND/OR conditions are allowed

      • When the filter value is more than 3, the use of brackets is possible to allow for powerful combinations.

        ICA - Filters - CRM and Virtual queues


  • Improved detection of Urgency signal

    • Continuing on our ongoing mission to improve signal detection, this release brings forth significant changes to the Urgency signal, notably:

      • Precision increased by 90%

      • Number of True Positive signals detected increased by 27%

      • Number of False Positive signals detected decreased by 65%

  • Warning when custom fields are removed from Settings

    • Virtual Queues are usually created with a combination of multiple case fields. Now, if a user tries to delete one of the case fields that are used in any virtual queues, they will see a warning clearly indicating which virtual queues will be impacted if the field is removed

      Field - Virtual Queue

  • Identifying missing hours in Agent Shifts

    • You’ll now see missing hours coverage grouped together for easy identification when viewing shift coverage

    • You’ll also be prompted to create shifts whenever you have missed coverage at the same time on multiple days of the week

      Shifts - Missing Hours

  • ElevateSX - AutoQA Tags

    • We have added in tags for a ticket’s AutoQA status - such as “Queued”, “Ineligible,” etc, so there’s no more confusion around why a ticket hasn’t been QA’ed.

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