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Customer Office Hours

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Success Story and Case Study

Reduce Negative Sentiments Fireside Chat

Learn proactive strategies for enhancing customer experience and minimizing negative sentiments using SupportLogic's NLP and ML capabilities. Hear from top performers as they share actionable insights, challenges faced, and future plans for sustaining customer satisfaction. 

Training and Development

SupportLogic Academy
This exclusive session will help you streamline your adoption journey with our cutting-edge SupportLogic Academy eLearning resources and help you learn how to receive Support Experience Certificates. 

Best Practices

SupportLogic for Customer-Facing Teams

SupportLogic offers valuable customer support insights that enhance the customer experience and drive business growth. By leveraging these insights, you can prioritize customer engagements and proactively resolve issues, ensuring customer satisfaction. SupportLogic helps drive expected customer outcomes and identify growth opportunities while promoting customer advocacy. Additionally, SupportLogic surfaces the true Voice of the Customer (VoC) to internal teams, enabling more informed and customer-centric decisions.

Reducing Escalations & Increasing Productivity
The daily 4-step prescribed workflows are intended to be performed approximately twice a day.
The workflow should be performed at the start of your day to achieve the best results. It should be performed a second time during your shift to review any new signals and backlog. SupportLogic prioritizes cases based on risk factors, so you don’t have to read them all.

Setting Up SupportLogic Platform for Backlog Management

Learn how to create and customize lists of open cases on the Backlog page. Choose from preset lists or create your own to group and sort cases any way you want. Unlike the Console page, the Backlog page displays all open cases without a date range, focusing on those that need attention. Start by setting up Global and Dynamic filters to ensure you see the most relevant cases for you and your team.

All About Alerts
Alerts are crucial because they function as an early warning system within SupportLogic, detecting various sentiment signals and escalation predictions using NLP. Alerts ensure you stay informed about critical case events even when they're not actively using the tool. Configuring alerts allows users to receive notifications via Slack, email, or MS Teams about important conditions and events, helping them maintain oversight and take timely action on cases.

Harnessing Unstructured Data for Deeper Analytics

Tools and Features

Elevate SX - Complete Quality Monitoring

Retain your best agents with unbiased coaching. Automatically monitor the quality of every support interaction - from right inside SupportLogic.


In-App Escalation Review Workflow 
In-App Global Filters, Virtual Teams, & Virtual Accounts 

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